Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ah, the Happy Meal

The experience with a 5 year old lovingly rendered in the NYTimes this week. My kids often get Happy Meals for lunch on Saturday. They get plain burgers, apple dippers, and milk. What they really want is the toy. Most often they eat the bun, ditch the pickle, nibble the burger, and finish the apples. Kids.

Cooking with Dexter: Happy Meal Me

However, I'm completely grossed out by ground beef now thanks to the Sunday NYTimes frightening article about beef processing. It takes a lot to gross me out, too. I'm so completely offended by the "It's not my fault, must be the wholesaler/supplier/feedlot, blah blah blah." Belly up to the bar. You're going to get sued anyway, wholesaler/supplier/feedlot.

E coli Path shows Flaws in Beef Inspection

First the water supply. Now this. I guess I'll stick to candy corn and Diet Coke.

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