Saturday, October 17, 2009

Coconut Chicken

I'm on an Apartment Therapy/Kitchn Roll. My Brudda', the Pork Master (shout out to his GORGEOUS daughter who has pneumonia), made what he called the best chicken soup of his life in his crockpot this week. Threw pretty much everything in the pot including a whole chicken (Is that right, Pork Chop?) and veges, then let simmer for a day.

Well, the very instant pretty much I got his email about la soup I got a note from the Kitchn about a chicken roasted in coconut milk. The idea is based on a Jamie Oliver recipe for roasting chicken in regular milk, which I haven't attempted yet, but which is on my to-cook list.

Tomorrow I'm going to give this a whirl, only in the crockpot. Not because I've got crockpot crazy, but because I'm curious and thrifty. If I slow cook this with a lot of vegetables--potatoes, onions, sweet potato or butternut squash--not only will I have, I think, a splendid soup, but I'll have enough for Thai burritos with orange rice.

Stay tuned for more:

Coconut milk chicken

Thai burritos (A plug for my own recipe. Shameless.)
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